Casa Materia
milan, 2022
ph. federico torra

Casa Materia is an apartment located in a Liberty building in the heart of Milan.
The project starts from the total redistribution of the spaces with the aim of enhancing the elements that characterize the innate qualities of the house and to meet the needs of the owners. The owners are an adult couple; their request was to create a large living area where they could welcome guests but also having a large private space to relax. The main asset of the apartment is the light: the exposure is South oriented which allows the sunbeams to enlighten the house from morning to evening but also offers a wonderful view of the park below.
Following this principle, it was decided to place the living area in the brightest part of the house: the aim of the living area was to ensure the greatest flow of light; for this reason, the pre-existing walls were demolished and replaced with a large textured glass window that allows to divide the spaces without interrupting the path of the light, while creating a pleasant effect of reflections and transparencies.
Another fundamental point of the project was the research of the materials: the preciousness and innate elegance of the house led to choose amongst different natural stones, creating a game of colors and textures for all environments while maintaining a minimal, basic and rigorous language.